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A Selection of Short Stories - page 2
Wedding Rings   Compass   Troll   Guitar Jeep
The Better Man
  Colin and His Compass
  Horses and Wishes
  All the Way Home A Measure of Love
Always the Best Man, never the Groom? Surely, at least once, the "best man" should be just that? Sarah thinks so   Colin is an Air Cadet. Somehow, he finds himself on the flight deck of a Belnheim bomber in deep trouble in 1940, and all because he liked strawberries   Saul learns not to get carried away at the betting shop, and to beware of trolls who make promises  

A sad little story of hope for a homeless young man

A quietly heroic act by a quietly heroic Royal Air Force corporal
Romance   Children's 'Ripping Yarn'   An adult fairy-tale   Drama World War 2 story
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