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A Selection of Short Stories
Air Liner   Railway Wagon  
Retired couple
  Trespasses Marching Troops
The Silver Greyhound
  The Plate-Layers' Hut
  The Long Haul
  Trespasses Travelling North
A 'frequent flyer' finds himself seated beside a female stranger on a flight to Israel   In 1946, the man who drove the last train to leave Auschwitz-Birkenau finds one of the cattle-trucks doing service as a plate-layers' hut, watched by a ten year old boy.   A recently-retired university lecturer is encouraged by his wife to use some of his free time to write a science fiction story  

A recluse is called to help an injured woman who might bleed to death. She learns his secret and finds she doesn't mind a bit.

[NB written in US English]

In 1944, a man returns from the disaster of the failed Normandy landings to rescue his wife and son as the invading German army storms through Romford.
Drama   Ghost Story   Science Fiction   Romance Alternative History
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The Silver Greyhound The Plate-layers' Hut The Long Haul eBook Travelling North Going Overboard eBook