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Peter Holdroyd's Writer's Website
A few Biographical Notes

Born in 1947, about fifteen months after my dad was demobbed from the Royal Air Force following the end of World War 2, I am of that generation which regarded reading books as a valuable and enjoyable pastime. Taught by my parents to read by the age of four, I spent the next few years learning to devour such exciting stuff as Enid Blyton's Famous Five (which kind-of followed on from Noddy and Big-Ears!)

I was a one of the fortunate people to be in a career-length job, after a few early stabs at being employed, which lasted three years. When I retired (early!) I had 37 years' service logged with HM Government,

Since retiring, I've taken courses in Creative Writing at the University of East Anglia, and am a member of a supportive little writers' group, the 'Wednesday Wordsmiths'.

I live with my wife, Dee, in a small village a few miles north of the city of Norwich. We have a son, daughter, and two grand-daughters.

Baby Peter

Remember those thick woolly nappies? Lovely and warm (when dry), and very absorbent at other times